Disrupción Records: The Experience So Far…

I want to start of by saying that starting a record label from scratch in 3 months is hard, really hard.  From all the marketing, legal, and a&r work that had to be completed I certainly think this group of 17 students are doing the best.  Needless to say I think Disrupción records was definitely an adequate name for the label at least from my perspective and my experience.   My world was definitely disrupted for a while, pun intended, but for group of 17 motivated and opinionated graduate students to come together with no established order or hierarchy was a no easy feat.  People were striving for positions that had no real power but that of e-mail sender or liaison.  I think the initial process could have been a lot smoother if positions had been established through an application process  before the semester started.  I for one would not have cared if got a position or if I was just part of a team I was just looking forward to the experience of being able to say that I was a part of starting Berklee Valencia’s  first student-run label.  I think these previously established positions would have made the first 3 weeks of the class much easier and more productive than people talking about who is who and how a simple name can change the perception of someones else’s role.

The saving grace in my opinion was the artists because once we had them people finally had some work to busy their minds with.  The marketing from both sides decided to come together to work on the overall strategy for the label and well as developing a consistent plan for the promotion of the artists picked to represent Disrupción Reocords.   Of course some people were more vocal about particular things but we all worked together and stressed together about what needed to be done and what we were doing wrong but regardless we kept working.  In a big team there will always  be issues but you learn to adapt and keep moving and I think everyone has tried to do their best in that aspect.   In general we all need to remember that we all are stressed, we all have other classes, and to cut each other a break.  So instead of making a snarky comment or just being frustrated  maybe proposing a solution of offering help may be more productive.   I myself fell into these mannerisms as well but upon realization I’ve tried to be more understanding and proactive. It has also been hard to depend on other people outside the group to execute the logistics of launching a label what with funding coming from a school and certain protocol needing to be followed it often took longer than expected to get the ball rolling on specific projects.

Overall though ,I think the experience creating this label from the ground up has been very educational so far  especially in terms of the reality of working in large group in the context of a music industry related project.  Working in the industry is high stress and things are not always going to go your way but you gotta keep going regardless of what get thrown your way.  Of course things can always be made easier but you have to play with the cards you’ve been dealt and make the best of it and I think the Disrupción Records team has done that and heading in the right direction

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