The WU- Once upon a time in Shaolin

In terms of legendary groups in Hip Hop goes, The Wu-Tang Clan isn’t far from the best and most talented rap acts of all time. Since the early 90’s, they have put out 5 albums, and launched successful individual careers for many of the artists on their team. Now, in 2014, the Wu is changing the game with their new album… The Wu-Once upon a time in Shaolin.


Wu tang clan



Pictured above is the one and only copy of the album created. Only one copy will be sold and along with the albums all the rights to license and distribute the album. People will have the opportunity to pay between $30 & $50 to listen to the album after going through an extensive security process to ensure they can not record even a snippet of the album.


We have seen very interesting ways in the past few months of artists releasing albums (Beyonce, Kid Cudi, Nipsey Hussle, etc.). This idea right here is definitely one for the books. Considering the longevity and fan base of the Wu-Tang Clan, the album is likely to sell for a multi-million dollar figure.


Any predictions? I’m thinking the 1-2 million dollar range. We shall see…

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