Grand Appreciation vol 2: Announcing Disrupción Records

As of Wednesday, March 26 Berklee Valencia has officially launched its own student run record label, Disrupción Records!

10155019_635611386506820_1406008222_n (1)

After a very difficult audition process Disrupción Records has chosen four artists to represent the label; Tess Tyler, Avila Santos, Stephen McHale, and Miranda Inunza.

Tess Tyler is a singer/songwriter from the UK.  Her style is a combination of soothing singer/songwriter music with an electronica twist.  With her serene vocals and you are taken to a beautiful place you never imagined.  At least that’s how I felt when I listened to ‘Feathered Friend’.

Avila Santo is a composer/producer from Venice, California.  His music will soothe you and take you into a trance as he paints over the audible canvas that is your ear.  Kick off your shoes, put your feet up, grab a glass of wine, and just relax to the sounds of Avila…

Keep an eye out for these talented artists!  New music to come this Summer!

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