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After many weeks of speculation, finally the name of the record label developed by the students of the Master in Global Entertainment and Music Business of Berklee College Valencia, was revealed to all the students of the campus. The event took place at the lobby last Wednesday, March 26th.


By 1 pm all of the team involved with the release of the label was working to set up everything for the big moment. Alejandra and Cristina were bringing the food they could with a budget of €100. Tortilla de patata, snacks, crackers, juice and sodas were part of the food and drinks offered.


Kareem connected all the equipment for the music. As DJ kTunes, he was in charge of playing his mixed music for the audience. Of course it wasn’t very loud because other students were in class. His music filled the environment with energy while many of the students were dancing and having a good time.





Jeremy who worked on the Disrupción Brochure was ready to hand out the information about the label and its firsts projects. Other members of the team were working to put the logo on the flat screen at the lobby and so on.

Disrupcion Brochure


My role in the event was to set up the lights that would create the environment for the event and to bring the camera to take many pictures and video that would bring evidence of the happy moment we lived. After the event I also worked on the edition of the video and the photos.  Here is the video that can gives you a quick view of the launch.

Everybody was exited to know a little bit more about the project that the students of the record label practicum class have been cocking for the last 3 months.  At 1:30 pm Neda Shahram held the microphone and announced the official release of the record label: Disrupción Records was finally with us. At the same time on a screen appeared the logo that will identify the label.  The logo was designed by Tyler Budd inspired in the Palau de les Arts Structure, an important symbol for all of us at Berklee Valencia.


Captura de pantalla 2014-03-28 a la(s) 03.34.35


The next steps are the production of the music material of the four projects that are part of this first experience of the label. This should take place during the next month. After everything get done, a big party is on the schedule were this music projects will be released to the world. Stay tuned for more to come.






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