Post-Fallas Hangover

The sculptures and firecrackers are gone, and our merry and highly pyrotechnic Fallas vacation has concluded, ushering in a new era dominated by a constant game of catch-up.  For this reason, we have managed to accomplish many goals within the A&R department, lately directing our focus onto recording.

As a team, we have reviewed Tess’s compositions, selecting the ideal tracks to be included in the compilation album, and finally deciding on the following four in particular:

  •       Feather Friend
  •       If I Wander the Night
  •       I bought you a Coat
  •       Growing Pains

In accordance with our objective, we have developed a tight schedule and adhered to it, immediately networking Tess and Tim, and establishing recording and post-production sessions.

This week alone, I have attended two studio sessions, one on Monday and another on Wednesday. Depicted below are the photographic accounts of the Wednesday session with our colleagues Tim and Carlitos contributing ideas and suggestions with respect to the songs’ structure and the production process.

Studio 1

Studio 2

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