Review: Mo Kolours LP

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At a time when it’s so easy to get lost in the endless ocean of Jersey Club edits and trap bootlegs, discovering a standout electronic artist with a truly unique voice is unbelievably refreshing. Enter Mo Kolours (Joe Deenamode): a half-Mauritian/half-English producer, percussionist, and vocalist representing the One-Handed Music collective. Those of you familiar with One-Handed Music’s catalogue will surely remember Mo Kolours’ series of three EP’s, featuring remixes from Shafiq Husayn and Beautiful Swimmers gaining praise from the likes of Giles Peterson, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), and Jack Savidge (Friendly Fires). Following his March, 2013 release of EP 3: Tusk Dance, Deenamode has compiled an endearing and organic self-titled debut LP that is simply a must-have.

The album serves as a continuation of Mo Kolours’ previous work, mixing spirited vocals over chopped samples and hand percussion drum patterns. The tracks on the album are not overly complex, and they maintain a sense of authenticity that allows the listener to comprehend and connect with the music. If you close your eyes you can envision the artist himself tapping out beats and cooking up lyrics; each song sets a vivid scene that gives the release a valuable element of depth.

Some of the highlights on the album, Little Brown Dog, Mike Black, and In Her Eyes (Funk Heart), best represent the free wheeling and fun energy that Mo Kolours is able to achieve in his music. As a whole, the 18-track release almost feels like a conceptual audio-journal. The final product is one that gives the listener a sense of spontaneity while still sounding complete and well conceived. Those of you who felt his previous EPs were too short will be delighted that this full length-debut places Mo Kolours’ captivating sound in a more complete context.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the soundtrack to your sleepy Sunday afternoon or the aural backdrop of your long trip to work, the Mo Kolours LP will temporarily transport you to a place where drums and expression are paramount and your troubles melt away. This record extends beyond the post-Dilla beat model and offers listeners a genre-defying blend that is so rare in electronic music. For fans of Project Moon Circle, Brainfeeder, or My Hollow Drum, this release will be right in your wheelhouse. It’s a shame we had to wait so long for this full-length album, however it’s clear that One-Handed Music and Mo Kolours should be on enthusiasts radar screens as this talented artist continues to produce exciting and compelling music.

Did I mention the LP is free?

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