The Science of Adaptation… Or Re – Adaptation !!!

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Play. Stop. Rewind.

A lot can happen in a month… Especially in a crucible of diversity, such as Berklee Valencia. So, first of all, forget about everything I mentioned on the first post. Phase 1 was adapting: making something suitable for a new use or purpose, adjusting to new conditions.

Adapt definition

Phase 2 is ReAdapting: making something suitable for a new use or purpose, adjusting to new conditions… Again!


Being so many of us, most of the times things established during previous meetings tend to vanish into thin air. Remember: breathe and readapt. The working structure at our label has also been readapted, dividing ourselves into teams or departments that try to move forwards towards our goal: “creating a bridge between the inventiveness of Berklee Valencia’s disrupting talent and music business world”, or so our Mission Statement says. So I’m once again working in the Marketing Team, getting used to the dynamic we’ve established and trying also to keep updated on what the other departments are working on.

I now understand that it’s probably going to be impossible to work on different tasks seeking new experiences, instead of staying in my comfort zone. So my motivation resides on working with students with whom I hadn’t worked before.


During the past weeks, we’ve been brainstorming a lot, and even if most of the ideas will probably not see the light, it is always fun to experiment surrounded by creative people. It’s more or less like a summer camp experience. We’ve been working on the image we seek, and how we want people to perceive Disrupción Records. Among this, we’ve been trying to find a catchy and attractive logo, as well as planning a social media strategy and website budgets. Tyler has been essential as a designer, and he does not only have a really fine taste but is a great professional.

Other projects include planing a couple of events: a Name / Logo launch party and an end of semester gala, sort of showcase for the label artists. We have set up the official Disrupción Records Gmail account, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud in order to secure the names.

On the other hand, I’ve tried to go through the steps the Legal Department has taken, as I would like to also learn about different aspects I might not be familiar with.

All this being said, once again the conclusion I reach is that we are animals, and as animals do, we need to adapt and readapt.. just like them!

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