Spotify crowd funding for touring

This article struck my attention right away. I had always wondered why an artist has not yet tried this method of raising money. I figured they might not be allowed to put their music on Spotify / iTunes if it does not have any content recorded on it, and is just a silent file. What makes this very interesting to me is this is a way for artists to make money without having to ask for their money. With Vulfpeck’s latest silent album, people are able to raise money for the band by simply putting the silent album on repeat on spotify when they go to sleep. 1 full listen is $0.005, 800 listens $4.00. Not only are they able to simply raise money by having their fans simply “listen” to their latest album, they are also able to incentivize that they can then tour for free, charging no admission to their fans. Basically, the fans are supporting the tour and getting a free show by only committing to turn on their spotify at night when they please; a simply time commitment. This is a huge win-win situation between the artist and their fans. This could also open up a lot of new doors for spotify in the near future.

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