Artist Uncovered: Aries Marquis

I’ll be completely honest… when I saw #LakerNation on his Twitter profile page, I was hesitant to write a blog about Aries Marquis…

Go Celtics!!!

In all seriousness, I stumbled across this R&B singer’s profile while searching for new independent artists to listen to. After reviewing his ‘Imperfections’ EP, I was pleasantly surprised at what I heard.


When I am listening to a vocalist for the first time, I am hoping to hear a powerful and developed tone quality in their voice. This was most definitely the case for Mr. Marquis. The first song I chose to preview was entitled “Ole Scotlandville,” and it was very reminiscent of older 90’s R&B music from the keyboard and strings riffs, to the soulful lead vocals. There is a tasteful featuring emcee as well that tells of the place where the two artists spent their childhood.

I also really enjoyed the track “Just Us.” With its gliding melody and heartfelt lyrics, this song had lush backing vocals that contributed nicely to the other gospel elements incorporated in the composition.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the project. The 6-track EP is available via Aries Marquis’s Reverb page here:

I am excited to see what Aries Marquis does next in his career. Currently signed to the independent entertainment company Black Music Cartel, his cited influences of Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and The Temptations would certainly approve of the passionate music he is delivering.

Follow Aries Marquis on Twitter @AriesMarquis.

*This blog is part of the ‘Artist’s Uncovered’ series by Sammy Pisano.

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