Last Night in The Studio


a picture of me (Marcus) & Stephen, one of our Artists.

After a couple of hours in the studio, Stephen finished up recording for his fourth track off his yet untitled EP. Along with him were friends and members of the MTI program who assisted with engineering the session. Piotr, Daniel, and an undergrad who (unfortunately) I could not meet, were jamming out to Stephen’s latest song.

promise ill re-edit this post when i find out your name buddy!

There was no bs in the studio. It was straight to work. I knew as I walked into the Anne Kreis Scoring Stage that I was walking into a professional environment. The mood was light yet serious, I knew that I was among friends and peers. Ryan Renteria & Nick Ziegler from the MTI program were on the boards making the band sound crispy clean while I, the fly on the wall, recorded every movement on film.

I felt very invisible. But it was okay, I was glad that I was a ghost in the room because it allowed me to capture the artists in their most natural state. Totally infused and into their own music, expressing various facial features for each chord change and each drum hit. True artists. It is a rare position for me, an individual who has never been around great talent to be basking in their essence and filming them just doing their thing.

I see it that Berklee Valencia’s first batch of EPs are going to be great. Not only am I hearing great things from Stephen, but from our other artists as well. Just be sure that when this music drops that you will be proud to be a part of this community, if you are not already.



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