The Industry from an Artist and their Manager’s Perspective Pt. 2: The Manager

This is Part 2 of last weeks post that focused on the music industry from the perspective of the Artist and their manager.   Last week I talked about the artist, Miss Caffeina and this week the post will be about their manager Cindy Castillo and her sentiments about the industry.  I found it very beneficial to hear the perspective of someone working in a field that I am interested in and a lot of what Cindy said what very insightful and beneficial.  Cindy created started her own company GIGnTIK an artist management and international booking company.



One statement that relates back to what Miss Caffeina said  about knowing the music business that I want to touch on shortly because I already discussed it  was when Cindy expressed that the reason that band was so successful because they understood how to play the game and were very invested in the business side of their work.  I think the fact that both sides of the team mentioned this important and a testament to how important it really is for success.

As of now GIGNTIK manages and/or books for 5 artist and at the time of this interview just started working with a sixth.  When asked how many artists she could realistically manage at a time Cindy said 3.  She said 3 is the cap because its doable and each band can get the same type of attention, any more than that would result in one or more of the artists being managed suffering from lack of attention.  For that reason she said that she really only manages 3 of the bands and the rest she only deals with booking that way she can focus on her main artists.  Cindy mentioned that is was vital to keep clear what kind of relationship she has with each artist and they that understand it in order to run a successful business.  To me its crazy to think that you can do all that and still manage 3 bands, I’m struggling with just one to keep up with classes and other work, but it seems with more time and practice it all just becomes natural.

Probably my favorite part of the interview was when Cindy was asked if she could change something in the industry what would she change? To which she responded:

I would retire the entire lobby of people running the industry now.

She went on in detail how she thought it was time to dethrone the execs who have been ruling and shaping the industry for so long.  All I could think about when she delved into the topic further was the image of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland yelling, “Off with their heads”.  Kind of like this:


Cindy talked how it has been difficult especially in Spain to be successful and try new strategies  in the industry when the people making all the decisions have been doing so for over 20 years.  She says its time for a change and I agree with her and not just only in terms of the spanish music industry in mind.  At MIDEM we continually heard people referencing the way the industry was in the past and trying to take it back to that time.  The fact of the matter is thats impossible, we can be inspired by the past and adapt it to fit current trends but thats it.  People keep complaining that the music industry is headed to extinction but in my opinion its largely due to the fact that it is governed by the same people that are allowing it to die by not adapting to the current moment.  I think its time to pave the way for fresh talent eager to take risks and maybe keep the music industry from heading down this slippery slope.

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