Cameras and Practicum

Cameras and Practicum


Another productive and fast-paced week with little sleep. Many group meetings, an improvised trip to Madrid for my birthday, video editing at ridiculous hours and a fun experimental video class with multiple cameras, tripods, and the recently acquired lighting equipment.

You can also check out my video for last week’s class here, starring film stars of the echelon of Aalap and Alejandra!

“The Real World”


The practicum activities have been spread over the last four days. On the legal side, some issues needed to be addressed, such as the research of the procedure to add a logo to the already submitted “Disruption Records” trademark. I quickly phoned the OEPM and received specific directions and the corresponding fees to conduct the process if deemed necessary.


Artists Contracts have been further revised by the whole legal branch of both labels, and will be soon explained and presented to artists for signing, after final approval is granted by Berklee’s lawyers in the following days.


On the A&R side, individual meetings have been scheduled with Tess and Avila in order to listen to their plans, proposals and requests.  Hopefully studio recordings will commence next week, as we tread through the midterms before a more than well-deserved holiday break during Fallas.

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