The Future of Live Shows

As an avid concert and festival goer, I have seen artists and bands go through leaps and bounds to create the most entertaining, fun and rememberable experience for attendees. I have seen Kanye West ascend over and around a crowd to start a show, skydivers with jetpacks creating light shows as they descend and Steve Aoki through a cake 20 meters into the face of a girl waving a “Cake me!” sign. I have also noticed that so many artists have begun to stage dive (both on purpose and by accident). 








In general, it seems that being as close to your crowd as possible seems to be the trend whether it is through use of social media, meet and greets and by literally throwing their bodies into the crowd. I stumbled on a video about a new “HUVr Board” that allows people to fly as if on a skateboard. See video below. 


Now, although this video is probably fake, I think that the idea is something that acts are bound to start using in their shows. Imagine an artist performing over the entire arena on a moving stage? Imagine live holograms all over the arena. Imagine a concert where the stage is in the middle of the crowd and attendees are in a circle around the stage. How close can artists get even closer to people in their concerts? That is left to be seen. But I’m sure that the ideas for this are steadily brewing. 

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