Masks and Legalese

We have just emerged from an intensive and highly fruitful week!  Through the duration of the tumult and productivity, I have personally been involved with two departments in particular:

On the legal front, we researched the registration of trademarks with respect to the labels in all its ambits: payment methods, fees, registration processes, applicable class, and form fulfilment.  Upon the receipt of Berklee’s approbation and the necessary tools and information to carry out such a procedure, the trademark was registered and finalized last Tuesday.  Compiling individual research with resources acquired in the classroom, a contractual agreement has been drafted between the artists involved in the project and the record label.

Concerning the A&R department, I made an evening of realizing a meticulous review of each artist’s interview.  Upon analyzing the information, I selected the four artists that I believed would foster the most synergic relationship with the label, composing a report to qualify and quantify the specific reasons for my selections.  On Wednesday, the class met as a whole to review and compile the collective results of our analyses.  A final decision was taken regarding the number of artists with whom we will collaborate, the division of artists between both division of the label, and we discussed the final product that would be released.  We reached a final consensus that each individual artist would contribute between three and five tracks to the final project, which will be released digitally and ideally compiled to be published as a physical vinyl.

My ventures in video production have become progressively more challenging, albeit rewarding.  Thursday was invested in the recording of my latest project, a music video of The Real World by local artist Kyle Schieffer.  The lyrical content of the song is a stinging diatribe against consumerism and collectivism, inspiring a thorough storytelling of vivid imagery and dystopian themes.  We captured this theme using masks and dystopian imagery in stark contrast against the protagonist, the individual.  This collaboration between myself, Kyle, several other Berklee students, and auxiliary cameraman Miguel López lasted the duration of the whole day, and yielded promising results.


On a final note, this coming Monday, March 3rd, the team will be hosting a Mini TEDx Application Conference in the Berklee Library at 6PM.  The event itself will showcase potential TEDx speakers who will be presenting the material they wish to present at the event in June. This event is open to everyone who is interested in attending, so mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you there!


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