Record label practicum/iphone/CAA/ICC/djkTunes/survey results — Productive Week!!

This is probably the best title I have created so far ever! Creative genius at its best! :p

Last week was probably one of the most productive week in this semester for me. It was supposed to be MIDEM, but you guys are well aware how productive it turned out to be for me! (There were some good things too..blurred memories and potatoes!!

Productive activity #1 :At the office of Record label practicum last week at A69, we had a great week with many major decisions taken. We decided on the artists, the format of the playlist, an idea for logo, website designs, budgeting (more or less), social media presence, trademark, contracts, basically everything!! (Take that …so called big guns of the industry!!). The only thing yet to discuss is the salary of the employees (a weekly party by Ferran and Ben?).

Productive activity #2: I finally got a phone!! Cannot thank enough to my friend, batch-mate and colleague, Mr. Kareem Clarke!! I can now message again, whatsapp again, take pictures anytime again, call again, receive calls again and most importantly MUSIC 24*7!!!


Productive activity #3: CAA- Creative Artists Agency, world’s biggest talent management agency. Their office is ‘lovingly’ called ‘The Death Star” because of the ‘loving’ agents working there! Imagine 100s of Ari Gold in one building!! So I basically filled out an internship form and they had a question ‘Why do think you can be a good agent?’. Well, I had two options, the first one was give reasons like I most people would do (honest, hard-working, loved entourage, have a man-crush on Ari Gold and so on!) and second option was to tell the a story…short, sweet and TRUE. So here it is what i replied..

” When i was 21, i had no experience of promoting my own live shows. But this did not hold me back and i convinced your RA, an agent with you for 20 years, to promote a 3-city tour of Enrique Iglesias in India with me. Please find attached the contracts we exchanged, signed by him and the 3-month long e-mail conversation we had. I am sure, if at 21, I can convince your own executive RA for a 1 million USD deal, imagine at 26, after 5 years of experience, how much I can convince your clients. This is why I can be a good agent.”

Its a long shot but I knew getting into ‘The Death Star’ will not be walk on roses and I am excited for it!

Full page photo

Productive activity #3: Met with Stine at ICC, atlast!!!! Damn, this was an achievement! We had a good discussion about my resume, cover letter and basically all the queries I had regarding Interships, Jobs and Career in general!

Productive activity #4: After 4 days of productive work, I needed a break..a productive break!! Luckily, we had international DJ from USA in Valencia, djkTunes spinning at Rumbo!!! An awesome set, amazing fun!!


Productive activity #5: Our class reps, John and Manuel did an amazing job of representing the issues, we as class are facing in the form of survey to our Program Director, Emilien Moyon. It was a good, healthy discussion between us and Emilien about how to eliminate these issues and have an amazing last few months at Berklee! Good Job Reps!!!

I understand, this blog is too self-centred but sometimes when I think about all of these so-called activities (big or small), what me and my friends here at Berklee Valencia are doing on daily-basis, its over-whelming to see how badly we want to be associated with Music as artists, managers, agents, producers, executives,teachers and what not!! As for Music industry, take a chill pill, THE SUN IS JUST RISING!!! (tush-tush)

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