“Everybody Loves The Sunshine”


ORIGINALLY a tune written by Roy Ayers, “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” has come back to life in the form of 21st century New York jazz and neo-soul singer, Jose James & Japanese jazz trumpetist Takuya Kurado on the new album Rising Son. The album was released on February 18th,  produced by James and featuring all of Kurado’s original compositions, except for two interpretations of Ayers’ ageless music. Naturally, I was curious as to how one would go about negotiating the fee for any samples of  Mr. Ayers’ originals released by Universal or other master-owners of the said recording, were used in Rising Son. Did Kurado re-record his interpretation of Ayers’ original or lift the samples? If it was a sample, how much did the label charge? Is Mr. Ayers even aware of this recording? For so often, this particular kind of information is buried in the books. Even ASCAP (to which Ayers is a member to), does not list Kurado and James as performers. When and where will this information be published? I am on the lookout. Are you? What if it was your music? What if there was a system to easily trace the answers to some of these questions? Am I blind? This all goes to say I am in an inquisitive way, trying to say that I’m certain Kurado created Rising Son ethically, I just want to know-how.

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