Adaptation !!!

It is always hard to build any project from scratch, and trying to do it with absolutely no hierarchy makes it even more challenging. My previous experience leading a multinational team spread around the world, made me realize the crucial role communication has between human beings in a group, as well as how important it is to have a pre-established structure with clear roles defined. Changing from that to a student managed label was definitely a shock: we are not in the real world and our objectives obviously do not match those of real life. We are still in an academic environment in which the first outcome must be learning, learning as much as possible. It has definitely been a bit hard for me to adapt, as maybe I was looking for a different experience due to my background. Once your mentality changes, it is much easier to start working and actually expect results.

As far as today’s meeting goes, I believe we reassured the way in which we all felt comfortable managing our side of the label. We decided that in order to achieve the most of this exercise, it might be better not to divide the team in departments, as we should all aim to learn the most in every area we attack. So today has hopefully put our record label in motion. The team also discussed the first issues regarding the general dissatisfaction concerning the label’s name, as well as trying to structure and coordinate methods of communication and tasks due for next week. We also established the mission statement behind the label.

Let’s keep on working!

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