Why SoundCloud Will Beat Other Streaming Music Services – Review

“Soundcloud has focused on making a platform creators want to use. They will continue to improve their consumer experience, as mainstream adoption continues. This will only entice more and more creators to join.” – Dan Polaske Hypebot.com

  As we all have seen in recent music industry news streaming services have been a major topic discussed by music executives, entrepreneurs, experts, and more.  Entrepreneur and blogger Dan Polaske seems to think that the streaming service that will come out on top of this streaming war will be Soundcloud not Spotify, Deezer, or the newly released Beats.   Polaske states that the leading streaming service at the moment is Youtube, noting that it technically isn’t a streaming service Polaske notes that regardless its makes up most music streaming online largely due to its user generated content.   Polaske seems to think that this focus on user generated content is what is going to make Soundcloud stand out among its other competitors.

  In addition to user generated content Polaske sites 3 major differences that will further lead soundcloud to success;


“To get your music on most streaming services you must go through an artist aggregator. There are paid and (apparently) free options here are Spotify’s recommendations. You can upload up to 2 hours of audio for free directly to Soundcloud.”  Dan Polaske Hypebot.com

Directness & Instantaneous 

“According to TuneCore it takes 2-3 business days to get your music on Spotify. In a world of up to the second content, that doesn’t quite cut it. On Soundcloud your music is uploaded directly and is live almost instantaneously.”  Dan Polaske Hypebot.com

Copyright Friendly  

“In order for your music to go live on most streaming services it must be cleared for copyrights. In other words my (unofficial) remix of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” will not make it to Spotify. However, on Soundcloud it is totally acceptable.”  Dan Polaske Hypebot.com


Polaske thinks that these factor in addition to the ability of users to upload unfiltered content will only make the platform more appealing to users and people who want to stream and discover new music. The major factor I think is overlooked is the way the brand is thought of in the eyes of consumers and potential users.  Right now when you mention streaming services the first names that come to your head are Spotify, Deezer, and Beats. In order for soundcloud to really even be considered as part of the streaming world it needs to establish a brand  positioning as a streaming service rather than an online distribution platform. To Polaske’s point about user generated content, price, directness, and copyright flexibility I completely agree t that hose are all factors that a benefiting Soundcloud at the moment but as a consumer if someone asked me to recommend a streaming service Soundcloud wouldn’t even be in my top 3 answers.

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