This week in review – All Quiet on the Western Front

I find it quite unfortunate that nothing revolting occurred in this past week on campus (the euphoria of my birthday must have rendered me blind to it). Amid the somewhat uneventful visits, beautiful early morning musical showcases, heated conversations, and all too theoretical concepts of economics, ’tis hard to find something compelling to write about – could it be that I have finally found a way to stop caring?

Once again, it feels like the only thing super-execs can do about the downturn of events in the industry is to try and turn-in as much cash-flow as they possibly can – because at the end of the day there is always going to be a hierarchical boss who wants his quotas to be met, and full reports on his desk by the time you clock-out. An unsurprising moment of clarity and transparency arose in the course of a guest lecture when artists were suddenly compared to supermarket products – I guess some might have a longer shelf-life than others, how unfortunate…

On a positive note, we have managed to form a unified work-group for our Entrepreneurship & Innovation class that looks promising and productive. We have assigned five roles amongst the team members, and it looks like we’re covering solid ground so far. The project we are working had been deserving this level of attention from the start – but I guess everything has got its time and place and patience is still a virtue.

Meanwhile, Kiev is fuming by day and burning by night; a student was shot by the police in Venezuela; and 17 year olds, smothered in make-up are being propelled in the limelight of stardom with impressive turnover. Whether it be through a declining system, inherently flawed business structures, general lack of cultural education, I guess one could argue that the world is going to s!*@.

Listening to this tune at the moment and it’s an oh so accurate depiction of what surrounds us. Darwin Deez – “The Bomb Song”.

The sky’s green (…) the clouds are brown (…) the city is dead.


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