A very slow recap

Excuse me for taking so long to start writing here, but I must say I feel last weeks have moved slowly in a directional but not clear motion.  Little can I say so far about my personal experience within our record label, as decisions have laid more on the structural than on the pragmatic side of the project.  Now I am aware that this is a characteristic that always repeats when shaping a real live project, but is truly not a motivating factor. 

During the last weeks, we attended some interesting meetings during our stay in Cannes, had fun while doing so and got exposed to the dynamics of the wheels of the music industry. I found particularly appealing the process and challenge of listening to our fellow students music and taking decisions in a time constraint period.

Now, with my career interests lying on the artist management side, I am really looking forward next Friday, when few pre-selected artists will have the opportunity to present their projects.  The selection of artists will start moving the project forward and giving our label a purpose to both exist and hopefully, some motivation.

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