Julien Audigier “The Wikidrummer” When drums and acoustic merge in a perfect sound



As a bass player I can say that there is no more pleasant way to play music than to create a solid rhythm base accompanied by drums. This percussion instrument has being part of the most important music sets of the main pop music genres since the birth of jazz. However, there is a myth about the limitations of percussion as an instrument because it cannot produce melodies and harmonies as others instruments such as piano or guitar. Even when there are amazing drummers in history such as John Bonham (Led Zepellin), Keith Moon (The Who), Dave Weckl (Chick Corea) among others, the stigma of drummers as a “beat keepers and timestickers” still prevails.


The French drummer Julien Audigier found an interesting way to bring out the drum voice by choosing locations that would emphasize their natural reverb. Without any artificial reverb added Julien plays his groove in places such as particular small room, a garage, a soccer field, in the middle of the road, on a roof, at a park, or a  factory. Julien became famous as “The Wikidrummer” thanks to a video that shows him playing in these different places underscoring the amazing sound and relevance of drums. This amazing video has become very popular in youtube with more than 1,200,000 views. The work and the edition of the video are linked with the sound of the drums bringing a new perspective and voice to the drum set.


I’m not sure if Julien is trying to develop this concept even more or if he is taking it as his personal project. As a professional drummer he has played for many years with artist such as Nidi O, Nina Attal and worked on the TV show Dancing with the Stars. What I think is that he should continue to share his drum based music and videos to the world. Just wearing his hat and playing a kick, hi hat and snare he would be a huge success.


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