MIDEM Takeaways

I am only 7 months old when it comes to my experience in the music industry,  so with my first visit to MIDEM I got my first real taste of the enigma that this industry is all about.

Ever since our first semester began at Berklee this conference has been one of the most talked about topics and we have spent the last 6 months preparing for it. I think the excitement that had always surrounded the idea of MIDEM was the reason that we or at least I was a tad bit disappointed with it. I did not go with the expectation of getting a job but I expected to meet a few companies or speak to them about my CE (consulting project). But when I got there, I found out that the only exhibits we could gain access to were either the start ups of different countries or companies that are growing but haven’t been in the music industry for long. Whereas, all the big companies were either in the VIP members lounge or in their own specific country’s area, which was member’s access only. I wish we had known that earlier.

I did try to set up a few meetings with the directors of some reputed Indian companies. I got to meet Mr. Aschille Forler, Managing Director of Universal Music Publishing, India. It was really interesting to speak to him about my goals and ideas and hear his views on the projects I’m working on. I’m glad I got the opportunity to have spoken to someone from the Indian music industry about the growth and prospects in the music market of India.

Although, I think some of the talks were really interesting. One of the talks, which I really enjoyed, was by Megan Healy, Marketing Director of Rocnation who was talking about the latest marketing strategies, that they applied for Rihanna’s latest tour, 777. They even spoke about this website womeninmusic.org where women in the music industry from all over the world come together and are willing to help each other in the industry. I think this is a great initiative and all the women in the music industry should join it.

Apart from that, Cannes was an expensive yet hauntingly beautiful city. The view from MIDEM of the French Riviera was spectacular. We visited some really amazing pubs and met a few interesting people. In retrospect it was a memorable learning experience and I made some really good memories with my Business classmates and friends.


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