Stephanie Cadel et la Caravan – [ Shoot ]

This past week I had the opportunity to work with Stephanie Cadel et la Caravan a as part of a classmate’s culminating experience.


Stéphanie, al origen del proyecto de la Caravane, es una joven canta-autora francesa que después de haber tocado en varios países a lo largo de sus viajes entre Colombia, Inglaterra o Francia, se asentó en Valencia haciéndose un hueco en su escenario musical. Con un estilo propio que viaja entre la chanson française, el folk, el swing y el jazz, nos lleva a varios universos sonoros mezclando idiomas.

Generally, I tend to try and write about current or trending news.  However, this week will fall more in line with sharing a learning experience, rather than the recent standardization of my blog posts.

Lessons Learned:

i ) Always book your own space.  Although the group confirmed the space, they didn’t seek the necessary permission from the property’s administration to capture picture or video. Thus, resulting in some very last minute scrambling under an already unfavourable time crunch.

ii) Utilize your surroundings.  After realizing the indoor area with better lighting was no longer an option, we headed outside around the back of the building to an empty lot. I remember at the time being slightly panicked trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do in this space. So, much to the surprise of the band ( and to be honest, myself ) I started rummaging through the trash in the weeds at the side of the building and found a 13-inch tube TV and a broken door. It wasn’t really a eureka moment, but more of a ‘fuck it’, let’s see what we can do with this kind of moment.

iii)  Bullshit.  I was completely vulnerable in a group of strangers, but pretending to be confident is infectious. The group went from having a look of skepticism to relaxing and having fun with it.

iv) Charades.  An absolutely horrible party game, but serves a real world application. This isn’t so much about miming and hand gestures as much as it is playing to your strengths. I understand virtually zero Spanish ( which in retrospect, is pretty sad since  I have now been in Valencia for five and a half months), but I do play a really good goofy foreign kid and I went with it.


These aren’t my best photos. I probably won’t use them in my portfolio, but I am super proud of them. For the first time since arriving here, I actually managed to apply real skills to a problem, in order to come up with a viable solution ( albeit this was technically a real world problem – it nonetheless feels pretty satisfying).


IMG_9239 copy





IMG_9390 copy

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