Chaos and Creation @ Berklee

Week 4 in Berklee Valencia’s first record label practicum. The past weeks were in a way eyeopening but I also perceived them as being chaotic in terms of finding a name for the label and in getting to know the main idea of this practicum – experiencing the creation of a new label from scratch.  After this weeks meeting I am feeling positive towards the project again. Last week over 30 artists at Berklee sent in over 100 songs which had to be listened to. 12 artists then finally made it to the finals. Now it all lies within each artist’s interview which we will take part within the following week. Since we have listened to their music that we think will suit our purpose for our label, the most important attributes we are looking for now are “commitment and motivation”.

In the last week I felt the need of a proper team structure of all the members, since without this nobody really will feel responsible or know what he was doing. So we spontaneously called in a team meeting with all the members, which was followed by a meeting of the smaller groups. Ferran also attended this meeting, in which the main ideas again were discussed and future plans were set up. The most important outcomes were the following:

  • In this particular stage of our label the main focus now is on the A&R process and finally registering a name. The next step will also be creating an image for the label. We then insured that everybody knows that although we have people who are responsible for each department (Legal, A&R, Marketing, etc.), this only means that they are main interlocutors when we communicate outside the label. In the end all of us should be working as a team now and get things moving for the label.
  •  Second Ferran made clear that “WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAY IN VEGAS”. He said that “we are trying to be as much professionals as possible, so any artistic commentaries, label opinion, audios & videos recorded by ourselves, and any material that we receive as part of all the process is IN HOUSE USE ONLY please.”

That is it for this week. Next week is going to be exciting in terms of finding out who will be in the finals of being chosen for to be signed to our record label.

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