the meat market

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons’ user phototram

IT only takes  a slip of the tongue to understand someone’s true feelings and thoughts towards something. What is known as the Freudian slip is actually not accidental and can lend to dynamically repressed sentiment that is otherwise hidden. So, to hear a music industry professional make an analogy of the recorded music industry to a grocery store, one cannot help but question the hidden train of thought. It is even more interesting once such an individual becomes conscious of the disheartening comparison and proceeds to explain his revelation and apologizes for the slip.

However, I am not surprised. Once you take on the role of being  in a major record label, I cannot imagine looking at music in any other way than a meat market. Developing, manufacturing, marketing, packaging, sponsoring meat–but I doubt this rings true for all labels including independents at large. Weekly tastings (A&R) occur and the recipe or formula for introducing something appetizing to the industry must be a bountiful duty–but I doubt all A&R approach art as a product.

In short, I am finding more truth about the industry by entertaining the idea that the Freudian slip is an accurate assessment of one’s deconstructed and subdued reality. Listen to your own or others’ slips more carefully next time and you’ll see what I mean. It’s one thing to look and another to see. You might have heard correctly, but did you listen?

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