The Dream vs. Midem: The Tale of Spontaneous Networking

Heading into Midem, I was not entirely sure what I wanted to take from the experience. Other than learning from the talks of industry professionals, and enjoying the beautiful city of Cannes, I had the least expectations of leaving Midem with more than a couple business cards from some cool people.


What I found on day one, was that I began to find people and companies that I was generally interested in learning more about and potentially become connected with in the not so distant future (i.e. around July 14th). I met with the CEO and founder of Indiloop, an application that allows users to remix and mashup songs posted from Indie labels they are in contact with. This gives exposure to the artists, and is generally just fun for users. In my talk with him, I pitched my business idea and got some very good feedback about ways to make it more interesting and niche market based. Additionally, I discovered a few other interesting startups (including Lisner & Music Kickup) that have very interesting business models and could be very useful to me in the future as I look to release my own music in the future.


Of all the talks I attended, the Lyor Cohen talk was the most entertaining although perhaps not one I took the most from. The one that is consistent with Cohen and many of the speakers we have had this semester in music business forums is that a little luck is absolutely necessary to be extremely successful. Skill and talent will get you to a point but to truly hit it big, you’ve got to be up all night to get lucky.


On the final day and in the final hours of Midem, I was lucky enough to speak to some representatives of Nielsen Soundscan about an internship/job opportunity in New York City that fits my skill set and interests. This was all thanks to and a bit of luck. Although they couldn’t offer me the position on the spot, they put me in contact with the right people and have recommended me for the position.


In summary, Midem was successful for me overall, but the results of my spontaneous networking and meetings are left to be seen. Until next time… Au revoir #Icantspeakfrench #Cannes #Midem #Midem2014 #Carlton #Bpub #6thFloor #Longbusrides #hashtag #theend


-Kareem Clarke

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