“we call it riding the gravy train”

After round two of MIDEM, a couple questions came to mind, like: 

Are you in the music industry or music world? 

Do you exist for another company or for yourself? 

I found myself magnetically distant from the talks on branding and more keen on developing relations with musicians and creators from parts of the world that I had yet to learn about. After all, how much more of the once soaking wet towel of the West can we squeeze until it runs dry? 

The MIDEM experience in Cannes for me consisted of three C’s this year that are prevalent as ever in today’s music world. (1) Community (2) Culturalism & (3) Crave. The first C, for community, represents the curtain that has been drawn off the stage between the on-stage world and behind the scenes world where MIDEM effectively unfurls that curtain as a red carpet for music lovers, creators and exploiters alike to enter the experience. The second C, for culturalism, stands for the unshakeable fact that globalization has brought together more countries than you’ve heard of to network, in one physical place. Yes, technology also allows for connectivity, but MIDEM makes it easier, more direct, and professional. The culture of MIDEM is one of a kind, open-minded and forward thinking. I am honored to say my ears were exposed to the music of Isfar Sarabski, one of the most ingenious musicians of our time, from Azerbaijan. Lastly, the third C, for crave. Today’s cravings are spoonfuls of streaming, branding and Brazilian music. Personally, I have no appetite for the former two this year, but I can always learn something new and appreciate the trend towards Brazil’s contributions toward the future of the music world. 

Whether you’re into entertainment or art, it is difficult to condense the MIDEM experience into one category as it is truly the most diverse platform to learn, engage, and walk away from feeling more determined about whichever path you’re on. Whether it’s the “gravy train” as Pink Floyd writes about the music industry, or not. 





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