A&R Profile: Kardinall Offishall

Name: Jason D. Harrow, aka Kardinal Offishall


Position: Creative Director for A&R, Universal Music Canada

Harrow, more commonly known by his rapper name Kardinal Offishall, is yet another artist that is making an attempt to work as a music executive. Just three days ago, December 16, it was announced that the Canadian born MC would be joining Universal Music Canada’s A&R team.

Having had success in the U.S. and Canada for over 10 years, Harrow was thrilled at the chance to work with and develop current and upcoming Canadian acts of various genres:

“As someone whose patriotism was evident from my first major release, the opportunity to join forces with the most powerful team in the country was one I couldn’t pass up,” said Offishall in a statement. “I look forward to engaging the country and the world in new sounds, new artists, and new ways to build upon Canada’s very impressive legacy. Randy Lennox is a Canadian icon, and I’m honoured to contribute to the movement he has put in motion.”

Fans of the artist are uncertain how his new role will affect his career musically. For now, it seems that Harrow is simply adjust to his position and responsibilities before announcing another album or mixtape release.


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