A&R Profile: Erica Grayson

Name: Erica Grayson


Position: Independent Manager/Consultant

It seems that women are pretty underrepresented in the music industry, but the most obvious gap is in the field of A&R. Music executive Erica Grayson spent over a decade working for major record companies after working her way up from a receptionist to a top member of the A&R team at Interscope Records.

In an interview with the urban women lifestyle website Madame Noire, Grayson elaborates on how her work ethic led to her success:

Q: Why do you think you’ve been so successful in your career?

A: I’ve never taken a job thinking that I’ve made it or patting myself on the back.  I always went after a job or an opportunity and the second I got it I thought, ‘Okay, Erica, now you really have to work because you need to show that now you’ve gotten the job, but here’s what you can do with it.’  I don’t think you can survive or sustain without working hard, so I think that applies across the board.  But, for me, I always work from a place of feeling like I’m in a race, but I’m starting from behind.  So it makes me feel like I have to do more than everyone else, and I think that was always an advantage for me.  At the very least I knew that no one was going to outwork me.


After leaving Interscope Records in 2009, Grayson now uses her extensive industry expertise in her role as a partner in a music management/consultant firm.

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