Where I’d Rather Be: Meredith Music Festival.

As I write this, the 23rd Meredith Music Festival has just wrapped up.


In fact, Mac DeMarco and his band are probably recovering from their run around around the “Supernatural Amphitheater” naked, in The Gift.

I realise some of the above might read as a foreign language to most, so let me divulge in the beauty that is Meredith Music Festival. My favourite music festival in the world.

Since 1991 a privately owned farm just outside of Melbourne Australia has played host to some of the best and diverse international and local acts. It is self funded and free from corporate sponsorship. In a market where many festivals have been cancelled, Meredith has stayed strong.

In my opinion, the following criteria are the reason for its success, in no particular order, these facets combine to make this place heaven on earth) –

  • The No Dickhead Policy – This actually exists. Don’t take your shirt off at this festival you juiced up goons.
  • A delicious lineup – Yesterday, today and tomorrow’s best artists grace the stage at Meredith with no clear ‘headliner’ per say, which keeps those Pitbull fans away.
  • A delicious selection of food – You can get an array of culinary delights from the many food stands located around the stage.
  • Size – With just one stage, a perfect 12,500 music lovers attended Meredith this year, 500 less than last year to make the experience that much more intimate.
  • Police presence – The lack, or  discreet nature of the police at Meredith acts in favour of good behaviour. People don’t feel the need to play up when there is no one telling them how to behave.
  • Traditions – The Meredith Gift is a nude race at the end of the festival. Read about it here. People take couches and even pool tables to set up at the Supernatural Amphitheater. I won’t ruin the other traditions, you’ll have to experience them yourself.

No other festival in the world matches to the sheer sense of elation you are left with after Meredith. Or the hangover. If you ever find yourself in Australia at the beginning of December, try and get your hands on one of these tickets.


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