A&R Profile: Aaron Bay-Schuck

Name: Aaron Bay-Schuck


Position: Senior VP of A&R, Atlantic Records

Aaron Bay-Schuck is a classic example of how perseverance will pay off in a competitive music industry. Bay-Schuck was a video promotion intern at Interscope Records in college before being hired full-time shortly after he graduated. He left the company to enter A&R at Atlantic and has since worked his way up the executive ranks. Now the Senior VP of A&R at the label, Bay-Schuck is most famous for his development and eventual signing of Bruno Mars. Despite the notions that Mars reached success overnight, Bay-Schuck offered otherwise:

“From the outside world, it looked like it happened quickly, but it really is an artist development success story in every way,” he says. “A&R at its best is about nurturing, and not dictating, who someone should be.”

Bay-Schuck was recently featured in Billboard Music’s annual edition of “40 under 40,” a series of articles that highlights the successes of music executives in that age demographic.


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