One Hit Wonders – Lemon Tree

The following story proves that not all “Anglo-Hits” come from Britain, Australia or America. Fool’s Garden is pop coming from Pforzheim – a peaceful little city in western Germany. “The traffic lights here are always red and green traffic lights here are very rarely seen,” it reads in an online description of the city. Metaphorically seen a well matching comparison, imagining Fool’s Garden upcoming career at the time when Lead-Singer Peter Freudenthal founded the combo in 1991. With first appearances in local radio broadcasts and local television programs, they started to draw attention to their music and 1993 finally released their self-titled debut album “Fool’s Garden”. However, the album could not really knock anybody’s socks off – but the foundation was laid.

In the fall of 1995, Fool’s Garden released “Lemon Tree” as the lead single of their upcoming third album. “The song came to me as I waited for my girlfriend and it was immediately clear to me that this song is something special. A day of production – the rest is history, which continues to this day,” explains singer Peter Freudenthal. In Germany, the single remained in the charts for 36 weeks, including 15 weeks in the Top Ten. Overall, the title has been translated into 45 languages ​​and was published in over 40 countries. In Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and France, the single was awarded gold; in Norway and Ireland Fool’s Garden even received platinum status. The following album “Dish of the day” also made ​​the jump to the top of numerous charts, achieved platinum status in Germany, and gold in Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Singapore, China and Malaysia. In 1996 the band was awarded as the most successful young band with several international awards as for instance the “Bambi”, ”The Golden Europe”, “The Golden Tuning Fork” and the “Echo”.

"What we have experienced with this song was awesome. Better to be a one hit wonder than a Never Hit Wonder", Peter Freudenthal.

 “What we have experienced with this song was awesome. Better to be a One Hit Wonder than a Never Hit Wonder,” Peter Freudenthal.

Unfortunately, it remained a commercial One Hit Wonder. Following the recognition of Lemon Tree, the band released the albums “Go and Ask Peggy for the Principal Thing” (1997), “For Sale” (2000) and “25 Miles to Kissimmee (2003)”, which proofed to be commercially unsuccessful. Sacked by their record company in 2003, the band performs without a record company ever since  and after the separation of two band members also performs under a new name – Fools Garden. New Name? Look closely: the apostrophe is missing. In 2012 they released their last album where the cover was designed by ex-Beatles graphic Klaus Voormann. While fans still have to wait for a real cracker in type of “Lemon Tree”, Fools Garden delight their audience at smaller venues and developed new music markets in Lithuania and Russia. Fools Garden for example played for the 750-year celebration of the Königsberg in front of 100,000 visitors in Kaliningrad. The most loyal fans, however, are still represented in the Asian region. Only recently the band was playing for a charity event for earthquake victims in China. I think this is the only way a band like Fools Garden can handle success.

Fools+Garden“If you played in Russia live front of over 100,000 people and appeared on Chinese television in front of 30 million people, if you wrote a song that is being played everywhere in the world, so far has sold more than six million records and has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and is already a classic – then you don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore”.


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