Indie Spotlight: Jamestown Revival


It’s pretty safe to say that sometimes bands just “get it.”  I’m not entirely sure what “it” is, but from the moment you first hear Austin-based Southern indie-rock band Jamestown Revival, you’ll get it too.  One part Jonathan Clay, the other Zach Chance, these two childhood friends came together after solo acoustic stints to create a self described “back-porch- folk rock” sound.

Here’s an introduction:

What separates Jamestown Revival from other acts in their genre is seemingly effortless authenticity and sincerity in both their music and their “image.”  Everything from handmade merchandise to show promotion– it’s genuine, it’s quality and listeners gravitate towards it.

Jamestown Revival General Store:

Hotel Cafe Residency Promotion:

If you have some time between study breaks or are looking to continue the procrastination process, have a listen to their newest EP,California, here:

California highlight : Paradise

Back catalogue highlight: The Knives and Pipes EP

Tracks 1 through 4.


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