Year in Review: Most Overlooked Single


As part of the “Year in Review” series, Har Mar Superstar’s single Lady You Shot Me is my most overlooked single of 2013 –

My first encounter with Har Mar Superstar involved him dancing suggestively wearing only tight underpants, in front of 13, 000 people at Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre in 2007. See video below.

It can only be described as one memorable curtain raiser for the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Stadium Arcadium show.

Check out his Sydney performance you may recognize the drummer as Fabrizio Moretti – who drums for the Strokes.

Six years after this performance, however, on his 5th album release, we are gifted with one hell of a song – Lady, You Shot Me.

Opening as a powerful soul love song, the sound is reminiscent of Southern Soul from 1970’s (see Roy C – She Kept on Walkin’). Har Mar sings about being ‘shot by a lady’ who ‘treated him cruel’ and horns set up the hopeless scene that is portrayed lyrically.


The beat picks up into Har Mar’s response to this ‘lady who shot him’ with an RnB infused groove that will sound delicious on 12”.

The brass leads the band into key changes and crescendos whilst a vintage snare sound drives the song to the end, an end that comes too quickly.

Lady, You Shot Me is a skillfully written track. Memories of Motown Soul shine through in what is a refreshing change to the Indie Pop and RnB infused Electro garbage that hogged the airwaves this year.

It’s the first track from Har Mar Superstar’s album, Bye Bye 17, which is being released on Julian Casablancas’ record label Cult Records.

If you download one song this year, make it this one, it’s legal and FREE –


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