Music Marketing Spotlight: Noisetrade – Thousands of Albums. Completely Free. Completely Legal.



Co-founded by Berklee Business professor, Christopher Moon – Noisetrade presents an excellent opportunity for artists to share and promote their music online through permission-based marketing strategies.

More specifically, the application allows artists to exchange downloads for e-mail addresses, social shares and tips. Although the concept of music-for-sharing is not unique, Noisetrade features distinctive catalogue offerings from an impressive selection of well-known artists (such as rare B-sides and live performances from the Lumineers and Sufjan Stevens) as well as music from notable up-and-coming acts.

For artists, the sign-up is quick and very user-friendly. They also offer a widget for your personal website, in addition to dashboard analytics, which can be used and shared with your team to measure the success of a release. For fans, access is instantaneous and only requires a valid e-mail address or the use of a one-click share button if you wish to download. Otherwise, you have the ability to simply stream a collection or album.

For more information about the product click here:

or to view some of there highlighted artists click here:

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