Meet:: Chance (Mikey Kim) and Oneway

Oneway with Charm Park-Don’t love Your No More Cover(Craig David)

Chance (Michael Kim) is a 27 year old Korean American songwriter/producer/singer from Los Angeles, California. He went to Berklee College of Music and currently residing in Korea as one of the top producers/songwriter there. He became famous producing JYP Entertainment’s boy group 2PM’s R&B track “Like A Movie”, and then worked with Ichiro Suezawa, an engineer for Bruno Mars, who also went to Berklee College of Music with Chance producing few K-pop songs.

Chance said in his interview that he enjoys listening to D’Angelo, Prince, Stan Getz and João Gilberto and John Mayer.

Chance- Singing Live (Covers)

Chance actually debut as a group name One Way. It’s a contemporary R&B group and Chance was the leader & vocalist. Other members were Peter Hyun (Australian Korean) and Young Sky (Australian Korean). They were known for composing their own songs because not a lot of Korean artists do produce or write their songs.


He now is a part of Double Sidekick, a producing team in Korea. Boyband, Girl group, R&B, Ballad, dance. All are done by them and they take over the chart now. And they won Songwriter Award at the 2012 Melon Award (this is like…billboard music award in the states)

One Way & Charm Park-Rainy Days ft Jun.K 2PM (English ver.)

Oneway’s music was based on hiphop and r&b, it’s fresh from the other korean artists that’s out there right now. I personally feel like Oneway as a group was super underrated. R&B is not a popular genre anymore in Korea, and for that reason, Oneway as a group is not performing together anymore. All members are more into producing songs for other artists…Other artists like boy groups and girl groups, which makes the producers make more money.

I do miss Chance a lot seeing him in a group as a leader of Oneway,  because I really like his voice. But props to him for doing his own thing, producing all current popular K-pop songs that’s out there. Not sure how much he enjoys performing on stage but he sure is making tons of money by producing and making songs for the renown k-pop acts…He has 13 #1 songs just in 2013!


bonus.. this is one of my favourite tracks Chance produced in 2013.

Bumkey-Attraction ft. Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo is coming to MIDEM in February 2014!!

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