Strength in NUMBERS: Asian American music project


CHOPS Strength In NUMBERS music project Kickstarter video

Hit producer Chops is working with the best-established & aspiring Asian American & International music artists on a compilation record called Strength in Numbers.
Chops has worked with some of the world’s biggest & best rappers which include “The Creep” by The Lonely Island & Nicki Minaj (which has 78+ million views!), “Damn I’m Cold” by Bun B & Lil Wayne, and “National Anthem” by Young Jeezy. One of Kanye West’s first rap appearances was my Virtuosity album, with greats like Talib Kweli and Raekwon from Wu-Tang Clan. For the last 2 years Chops has been making music with over 30 of the best Asian American artists out, with special guests from Japan and Korea.

“I noticed amazing Asian American artists making waves, and rekindled an old dream: a project with ALL strong Asian talent! Artists today who go through many of the things my group did, overcoming the same obstacles, same struggles, pushing forward, and going beyond.” -CHOPS

Strength In NUMBERS shouts of support!

Strength in Numbers: Roll Call Video

Strength in Numbers is an Asian American music project featuring artists such as
Ann One (LA), Baiyu (NYC), Bambu (LA), Catzie of Yellow Rage (PHL), Connie Lim (LA), Decipher (PHL),DJ Bonics (PHL/PGH), DJ Neil Armstrong (NYC), DJ Roli Rho (NYC), Dumbfoundead (LA), El Gambina (NJ), Erika David (Bay Area), Hopie (SF), Hoya (NYC), J-Key (NYC),Joanlee (LBC), Kiwi (LA), Lil Crazed (MN), Matt Cab (Tokyo), Mic Barz (ATL),Mountain Brothers (PHL), Nikko Dator (LV), Paul Kim (LA), Prometheus Brown (SEA),Rekstizzy (NYC), Rocky Rivera (SF), Ruby Ibarra (Bay Area), Tasha aka Yoonmirae( Korea), Thai (PDX), Tiger JK (Korea), Timothy Flu (ATL), Verbal of M-Flo / Teriyaki Boyz (Tokyo), and Yellow Boyz (ATL).

This is a grassroots project, engineered entirely with ZERO funding. The kickstarter will cover the costs in production of the music and creating the actual albums for distribution.
By doing this Kick starter, the money will recoup basic travel & equipment costs, creating, refining and all the daily cost of working. It costs a lot mastering, promoting and video production, of course. The money will be used to cover all these expenses. Chops thinks the challenge would be actually getting the outcome, and he said it will worth the wait. And another big challenge is spreading the word. So, (if you can’t support money-wise…) please help by sharing and feel free to share this to your friends. ;p

We got 8 more days to go to support Chops and the Asian American artists!!

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