Artist Matchup of the Week (Youtube Edition): CADE VS. KYRIE LONDON

The internet has become a major site where music is experienced and interacted with.  It has opened up people to the world of music and all the different artists, genres, and sounds that the world has to offer.  In an age where the internet is one of the main mediums to discover music one site usually comes to mind…………….YOUTUBE.  This weeks’ post will focus on artists I find on youtube.  I simply went to youtube and typed “new artists” and chose from the results listed. 

  First up a band called Cade, the name coming from Kaiya Cade’s last name…so original (but I can get past the name is the music is good).  Here’s the video that came up:

At the first I thought this was going to an attempt by a few friends at making a music video, especially with the intro  but I am glad to say I was pleasantly surprised. Hailing from Toronto Canada classifies their music as Indie/Folk describing their sound as “music that flows” and let me tell you it flows alright, 30 seconds in I found myself swaying to the rythm of the music and being somewhat hypnotized my Kaiya´s voice.   One thing I appreciate about a singer is the ability to tell a good story not just by the lyrics but by the way they sing those lyrics, and let me tell you Kaiya is definitely a storyteller.   Check out the video for the song “Part of Everyone” the sound quality isn´t that great and sometimes the words are hard to understand but regardless I was hooked. 

Next up Kyrie London, intially this is the video I found on youtube of her song “Sunchaser”:

  In this video she reminded me of a Sara Bareilles meets Colbie Callait  type artist, in other words a piano driven pop artist.   Upon further research I learned that Kyrie   managed to get some of the work with many music industry heavy hitters when it came to recording her debut album, City of Rainbows. Producers Dave Pensado (Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Pink) and Ken Lewis (Jay Z and Kanye West – Watch the Throne) have both helped Kyrie develop a sound for her debut. After this new information I found this, a video of her debut single, Rooftops. 

This was definitely not what I expected after watching the first video, of course I expected better visuals, production quality, and maybe a growth in sound to something more unique what I didn’t expect was a complete shift in genre. She wen’t from being a piano driven singer/songwriter to a dance diva. Not that its a bad thing, just was not expecting that. 

Now for the analysis, one thing I learned during my time at working as a College Rep for Red Bull records was to look for artists that zig while others zag. While Kyrie is appealing to the sounds that is very popular today, I am left a little bit confused as to who she is as an artist.  Other work from her debut album that I listened to on youtube furthered this assumption with it all switching from piano driven ballads (which were pretty good) to dance/electronic music.   It just didn’t make sense to me.  The industry is flooded with artists singing songs like these, but its not enough to be the same anymore you have to bring something new! Something that sets you apart from all the other artists singing similar music, and I don´t think Kyrie is doing that.  But there is no doubt that she has some serious talent, I just don’t think I would sign her based on what I found on youtube. 

On the other hand Cade is definitely “zigging” as opposed to Kyrie’s “zag”.  The band not have the production quality that Kyrie has but they definitely have the talent especially in their songwriting and vocal performance by Kaiya.  They are not trying to be like someone already in the industry but instead are being themselves and I admire that.  Yea it might be a harder road with a band like this, but no one ever became successful by taking the easy way.  So I would take a risk and sign CADE. 

Don’t agree with me? It all good, sound off on the comments so I can hear your opinion. 


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