Return of the Bands..?!


In the VMAs 2013, Justin Timberlake united with N’ Sync and performed some of their hit songs. Backstreet boys, New kids on the Block and New Edition, all these 90s boy bands are doing some sort of reuniting as well. One Direction, ranking more than 50 million dollars gross of their movie and with a million fans all over the world, clear proved that boy band success can still happen. We might not have as many bands as in the 90s today, but One Direction and of course The Wanted are very successful boy bands.

Justin Timberlake & N’SYNC –VMAs 2013

That same night of the VMAs 2013, Danity Kane announced they are reuniting and coming back with a new single ‘RAGE’ produced by the Stereotypes. Stereotypes had also collaborated with them with their biggest hit ‘Damaged’ which was released back in 2008. Danity Kane walked the red carpet together at the VMAs and released their official photo in August on their website to hype it up. The group had broken up due to the tension between the members and the label, which was aired during their reality show ‘Making the Band’ on MTV.

Diddy Breaks Up Danity Kane

Dawn Richard Talks Danity Kane Reunion

Unfortunately, they won’t be returning with all 5 girls: Aundrea, Aubrey, Dawn and Shannon are definitely ready to come back and they are on their own – without Diddy.

Billboard interviews Danity Kane

Danity Kane: I think we are just ready to pick up from where we stopped. Now is the time we grown a lot as women and I think we really missed doing music together….. (introducing their new record ‘Rage’) It’s a live sound, I think you’ve never heard dainty Kane Live, with live guitar, live drum, more of a rock vibe, I think that’s gonna be impressive for us and I think people are going to see the whole new side of us” 

Danity Kane Reunited on the MTV VMAs Red Carpet 2013

We had TLC, Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child when I was growing up. Destiny’s Child did their Super Bowl reunion and released ‘Nuclear’ together; Spice Girls did their London Olympic reunion in 2012 ( their performance was the most tweeted moment of the Olympics with over 116,000 tweets on Twitter per minute); and TLC did a collaboration with J. Cole, but none of these girl groups actually came back OFFICIALLY like Danity Kane just did.

Kelly Rowland, the former Destiny’s Child member once said:
“I want to see girl groups come up and you want to see them, they’re supposed to be better than the last generation and I want to see that happen.”

Are the labels going to start debuting boy bands and girl bands? That would be a big change in the music industry since there are more solo artists these days, especially in the States. (UK got One Direction & Little Mix, Asia is just full of boy bands and girl bands) or perhaps Danity Kane’s return just be a one-time thing like “reminiscing the 90s and the 2000s”.. Personally, I am actually looking forward to see Danity Kane’s change and hear their new song. I will definitely find out in 2 days when they do their performance at the iHeartradio festival 2013!

Danity Kane ‘DAMAGED’ 2008

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