Hard work, discipline, opportunities seized, and success: Rosa Lagarrigue, the Spanish management Goddess

Rosa’s story is one of amazing success. It is the story of a career path that turned her into Spain’s most important artist manager.


Rosa Lagarrigue

“Hard work and discipline, long term perspective, and innovative goals”


Rosa Lagarrigue was born in 1954 in Chile. At the age of 10 she moved with her family to Madrid, Spain. She was enrolled at the exclusive Liceo Franco School where she met and befriended Miguel Bosé. This was the beginning of a special friendship that would last forever.


Rosa and Bosé would move to London in the early seventies. Rosa wanted to become a dancer while he decided to explore film school. Rosa became a fluent French, English and Italian speaker an attribute that would allow her to live and teach in many countries. While she was living in Israel Bosé called her to make a turning point invitation. He was in desperate need of a choreographer for his movie ¨Rosa, would you help me with my dancers?¨


Rosa would collaborate with Bosé not only as a choreographer, but also eventually as his key artistic assistant. Apart from his film career, Bosé was also a songwriter and singer. Without much experience on the music field, but with a lot of drive, Rosa became Bose´s manager. At the end of the 1970s she managed to organize a very successful three-month tour in Chile. This tour opened the international career of Bose in Latin America, France and Italy.


In 1982 she stopped representing Bose to become an A & R in a record company called HISPAVOX.  She would start her own management company in 1984 when a band of three young unknown artists asked her to represent them. The band was MECANO and her company RLM.  Both would conquer the Spanish speaking market from the 1980s on.


It was the beginning of a successful career that lead MECANO to be the largest seller of records in the history of Spain and RLM the most important management company. She repeated this internationalization pattern many times with several artists like Alejandro Sanz in 1991.


People in the industry express both good and bad things about her. For instance, it is well known that she controls her artists excessively and only allows them to collaborate with other artists she manages. In an interview she said the following about the artists that represents:


“An artist must have ambition, charisma and be industrious because it is this which pulls the cart. I have seen many talents dilute because they were not persistent (…) I just help them fulfill their dreams.”


Currently she remains RLM ‘s CEO despite of the fact that PRISA GROUP (a big shark of the entertainment business) acquired a percentage of its shares a few years ago. RLM manages more than 20 international well-known artists including Ana Torroja, Paloma San Basilio and Mala Rodriguez. Because of her trajectory Rosa was recently awarded with the ” Silver Medal of Work” by the Spanish government.


It is very interesting to see how a woman who had no background on the artist management field, developed her vision and talent to achieve big success in a wide variety of musical projects. Thanks to her vision she has been able to build a solid network, challenging a world that was dominated until then by men. The thing that surprises me is that without having prior knowledge she was able to seize the opportunities that were presented in her life and with hard work and discipline she created a company that has been the leader of its field for more than 25 years.





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