Songwriting Associations: Here for You

A great way to get connected with other inspiring and veteran songwriters is to join a songwriting association. There are many, many associations out there to support you and your music. They all offer different things but on a general basis you can receive attention and sponsorship for your music, assessment and direction with your songs, gain a larger network, receive better opportunities, chance to attend workshops, seminars and conferences and you will also be apart of different development programs.

Some great associations include the International Songwriting Association, which has been around since 1967. They offer beneficial advice and information on the industry for the songwriters and members, a broad network of current industry professionals, songwriters and artists, they offer contests and contracts that can help further your writing career and more. This as well as serving their current roster of member in the best ways capable is their mission. HERE is the link to their testimonials page.

The American Songwriting Association has three main locations with several studios in Atlanta, Birmingham and Nashville. They provide many resources such as sponsors, a large network, songwriting contests, and information and consultation regarding publishing, copyrights and other songwriting matters. Their mission is to support the songwriter in their music, publishing, career moves, network and in any other way, while also supporting the songwriting community and industry. They strive to bring together all types of writers to increase creativity and great music for the public.

From our songwriting capital, the famous Nashville Songwriters Association International is likely the world’s largest trade organization. “It all begins with a song” is their slogan.  They have over 5,000 members of all types of genres from folk, to country, to Christian, to rap and more. Their mission is to have dedicated songwriters who strive to protect the songwriting industry and keep it moving forward.


Other associations are New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, West Coast, California and there are so many others to choose from.




American Christian Songwriting Association

Ny, NC, Ohio

Central Carolina

West coast


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