Songwriting Forums and Collaborative Platforms

There are many ways to increasing your skill in the art of songwriting. Some ways are reading books, attending workshops, collaborating in person with other songwriters. An additional, good way to learn more about songwriting is through online forums and online collaborative platforms.

You can often get quality information from experienced writers. It’s helpful in the way that you can just ask questions that you have and writers and even educators involved in that site will respond with their feedback from research and their personal experience.


Some forums include Songstuff, The Songwriters Forum, Harmony Central, MyBlogBand, Tunesmith forums, Gearslutz, and Songwriting Secrets.

Some collaborative platforms are Kompoz, Mixmatchmusic, WeMix, Indaba Music, MyOnlineBand, and Dopetracks.

One in particular is Songwriting Fever. Songwriting Fever is an online platform that offers the collaboration of songwriters. It was started in 2008 and now has 2100 members. This platform allows for lyricists to find songwriters to collaborate with for music for their lyrics and vice versa.  Here you can find all types of songwriters and musicians in all genres from all around the world here to write with you and to play on your projects.

How it works is you join by making an account and once you’ve done this you can browse through the all the database. There are two main categories of their database: lyrics and music. You can visit the composers profile and reach out to them by direct messaging them through the site. You can also upload your material and wait for someone to reach out to you. On the website there are also forums with testimonies and feedback to topics and questions. There is a page that includes songwriting tips and helpful hints to making your music better and also a page with the company’s blogs written to give updates and news.

Here is a quote from Tracy Chapman who currently uses this site. “I want to express my gratitude to you for your help through this site. I’ve been making more progress than ever with my songs, and being able work with other people who like creating songs keeps me perpetually motivated.”

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