Songwriting Platforms & Business Innovation: Sell Your Song Here

As I have written in my previous blogs there are many ways to get your music heard and there are also many platforms to sell your music. Researching, I came across two additional platforms that would be very helpful to the songwriter and helpful to the business minded leader in search for innovation.


To start with, there is MusikPitch created by Scott McIntosh. The company is based in Nashville, TN and was launched in April of 2011. Scott McIntosh came up with an idea to offer songwriters a way to earn money with their music.

How it works is, as the songwriter, you sign up (for free) on the website and set up your profile. From there you search the database for contests that people or company’s present. When you have found an appealing contest all you have to do is submit you project in mp3 form and wait to hear back. There are options for other MusikPitch members to rate your song or project by giving you a number out of 6. Before submitting it you are able to read the license agreement that was created by the person or company who created the contest. Most agreements you will be agreeing to give all rights to that contest holder in exchange for a fee you will earn. You would have to consent to that agreement to submit your project. If you are the winner your prize is the amount of money the contest holder has listed on the contest profile. These prize money amounts can range from $100 to over $2000. Each contest holder makes his own price. This is a great way to earn some cash while doing what you love.

Here is a screen shot of the license deal that was offered by a contest holder.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 6.19.55 PM

Here is a screen shot of contest that they have run. It gives the time it will be running and the date it will end, how much money you will win, other MusicPitch members who have submitted to the contest ( you can also listen to what those members have submitted), about the company or person offering the contest and all the requirements of the contest.

Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 6.16.28 PM

MusikPitch FAQ’s HERE

Second, we have Ramen Music, which was created by Sadura Williams. Ramen Music is based out of Vienna, Austria and is a site where Songwriters present their music on the profile they have made. An online issue of Ramen will be released every 2 months. On this issue will be downloadable tracks of the chosen artists of that time span.  So if your music is chosen you will be featured in the issue of that period with information of yourself and your music.

ramen music

There are two types of Ramen members: the Artist, who produces the music and the subscriber, who buys the subscription. The subscription cost is $39 annually and it comes with 6 issues for the year. In case of a subscription cancellation, Ramen Music refunds 100% for all subscriptions within 60 days of purchase. After 60 days, they issue refunds to paypal accounts.

20110607-pwjywa9jj21rwxytb5ck2x8gp9.png (an issue that was published)

Sadura and his team launched RamenMusic in 2010. As an innovator, Sadura created this platform for songwriters to have more options for pushing and distributing their music online. Sadura also has a platform called alonetone used for musicians and writers to distribute their music.

The members who are selling their music keep all rights and only grant Ramen Music non-exclusive and non-terminating rights to publish and distribute the music. This brings no harm to the writer, but as a company Ramen Music wants to have your music readily accessible for its consumers forever. Those chosen for the issue also get paid. Ramen pays its artist members right before that artists published issue. The members receive funds by paypal account, transfer or direct deposit.

Sadura is a musician and understands the struggle musicians face in creating and releasing an album or any music for that matter. He wanted musicians to be able to get their music out to the public easily and for free.

Ramen Music FAQ’s HERE

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