*NEW* Artist of the Week: EMELI SANDÉ

The purpose of this blog is to showcase upcoming artists who have either signed with a label or chosen to build their career through a Direct2Fan method.

BIRTH NAME: Adele Emeli Sandé

AGE: 23
ORIGEN: England, UK

GENRE: Soul and R&B
LABEL: Virgin Records, EMI Records, Capitol Records
WEBSITE: http://www.emelisande.com/

TWITTER: 915,032 followers
YOUTUBE: 26,061,731 video views | http://www.youtube.com/user/emelisande/featured
FACEBOOK: 734,443 likes
INSTAGRAM: 163,688 followers


I was introduced to Emeli Sandé by a fellow friend at Berklee. We were eating in a restaurant and she asked me had I heard of the artist that was playing. At the time, I hadn’t, but didn’t think much of it until one of her songs was played again on a TV commercial. I made a mental note to check her out later, but didn’t get around to it until recently. Just by a simple YouTube search, I was led to Sandé’s “Heaven” and fell in love. Check it out!

After listening to “Heaven,” I was intrigued and my search began. I started listening to everything! I wanted to know more about the new Adele or Jessie J from London. Next, I was brought to “Clown.”

I must have played this song five times before I could move on. The lyrics were filled with so much meaning and emotion that I had to keep watching it to make sure I fully understood the message that was being conveyed. Emeli is depicting her experience of getting signed to a label. Something I mentioned with my last artist of the week, Todrick Hall. In this video, it seems as though the decision wasn’t so easy for her. Many of us dream of being offered the opportunity to sign a recording contract with a label, but here, Emeli is clearly showing that the decision wasn’t so easy.

The very purpose of this blog is to discuss the differences of artists who have signed to a label versus those who have chosen to build their career via a Direct2Fan method. Emeli Sandé has experienced both sides, and she seems to have chosen the majors. Perhaps, she was coerced. However, she did say “I’d be patient if I had the time.” What did she mean by that? Is she insinuating that it would take her much longer (if at all) to reach her success goal if she tried to do it on her own without the majors? Well, let’s take a look at her career before she hit the limelight.

Emeli Sandé began her career more behind-the-scenes by writing for artists like Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Cheryl Cole, and many more. Therefore, she signed a publishing deal EMI Music Publishing first, then later signed a record deal with Virgin Records. Her album Our Version of Events became the best-selling album of the UK in 2012 earning her the titles “Best British Album” and “Best British Female” at the Brit Awards 2013 (awards previously won by Adele and Jessie J).

Sandé seems very humbled and appreciative of her current success in this interview with Jessie J at the Brit Awards:

As a singer-songwriter, Emeli Sandé has mentioned several times the importance she places on remaining true to herself when writing songs about previous experiences for others to relate to. She wants her audience to connect to her and feel her emotion, and her videos are often an excellent portrayal of just that. Here are a couple more of my favorites:

Emeli Sandé “My Kind of Love”:

Emeli Sandé “Daddy”:

After listening to this song, I realized I had heard of her before my friend formerly introduced me. However, I could not recall where. To me, that is the best kind of exposure. “Daddy” must have been played in so many places that I learned of the song before I even learned of the artist. Now that‘s great marketing and promotion. I’m glad I have learned more about who she is as an artist and singer-songwriter. Her voice is impeccable, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to meet her one day.

Currently, Sandé is touring US and the UK throughout the summer. I will have returned to the states by her July 3rd concert date in Atlanta, and I’m looking forward to attending what I know will be an amazing concert at The Tabernacle. I have already purchased her album, and I can’t stop listening to it. I can’t imagine how intense her vocals will be during a live performance. If she can convey that much emotion through a studio recording, I am certain she will only magnify the experience with raw emotion and energy in front of a live audience. Stay tuned!

Prayre Finley


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