Ways to Getting Your Music Heard

As a songwriter, producer, and musician you want your music to be heard by others. You want to grow your fanbase, you want to inspire people and you want to make a good living out of what you love to do: Music. The question is, how to do it? Here are some ways to push you closer to the door of opportunities.

Get A Publisher
A Publisher helps you to promote your music and songs. They are there to help you connect your music with clients wanting to use your music. The publisher can also hire you as a writer for their company. This will lead to growth as a writer and exposure to connections. It is unlikely that you will need a manager for just selling our songs, but the publisher is a critical part of steering your songs into the direction of the right people.

Move to City with a Music Scene
Since the boom and growth of technology this factor is not so much the case it may have been a decade or two ago. We all know the main areas where music is happening and those places include New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, urban cities and Metropolitan areas. Nashville is a place where songwriters are heavily populated. Some think that there is only country music here, even though that is the main style there, but there are other styles including pop, Gospel, folk, and it produces great songwriting as an art itself. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and urban areas are great places to network and have small and large labels and publishers to shop your material and many, many great musicians and artists to play your music and spread the news.

Online & Websites
Don’t wait to get started. Everyone wants their music to be perfect and you should, but don’t wait too long until you have missed the opportunity. Of course you want to spend time improving your work. Have material ready to share along with working on better material. You want to put your material out there so people can hear it, so you can get helpful criticism and grow. That way as you are growing as a musician and writer your fanbase is also growing. Do you have your own website. Get one. Submit and enter your music into competitions and contests. Here are some other online places where you can put your music include: iTunes, Youtube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Napster, Pandora, Spotify, Facebook Music profile, Myspace, Tweewoo, Soundclick, last.fm, Muxtape, ArtistServer, iSound, Twitter, Ramen Music, Radio 1, AWAL, and Bandcamp.

Websites like Ramen Music, Radio 1, Taxi Music, Blogspot, Elbow Music Blog are great because not only can people learn about your music and hear it, but they can also learn about you. These are all platforms for blogs, interviews, making connections, networking and of course music. Blogspot and Elbow Music Blog are a place where bloggers post about new and recurring topics and artists. It is great to have bloggers about you and your music. It’s a great way to have your name spread around. Ramen Music and other websites like this are great ways to put your music on the site. See how it does and how people like it. On Ramen Music a song every 2 months is chosen to be the best song of that portion of time.  Get your music on the actual radio. This publicity is still and efficient way to increase your buzz. Radio 1 is a radio station based in the UK but is also heard internationally in the US, Canada, and more. Radio 1 and other Radio Stations are great for introducing yourself, advertising your product, and keeping people updated on what things you are working on and releasing. Taxi Music is a company that has been around for quite a while, but one not too many know about. You pay an annual fee and Taxi puts you in contact with big publishers, labels and Film directors to shop your music to them. These are good resources to have to get your music heard and used.

A huge contribution to your success will be networking and building relationships. The important point to get is to build lasting relationships.  When sending you material to companies or people, also send them a personal message. Choose to send your material to people for a reason and not just to get heard, because that reason is a given. Labels, publishers, and A&Rs are very aware that you want your music to be heard and their job is to help you. So, with this fact after honing your product and music be personal when reaching out and focus on that person at that moment. Focus on gaining and building that relationship so that it is long-term. Collaborate with other artists and songwriters. Force yourself to try something different. Share your music with local artists whose work you enjoy. Propose or write songs for them. If they like your work they will automatically spread the word. Check out their material. Listen and give other musicians and writers your helpful feedback and they will in return want to give you theirs. Have a good attitude when going into relationships and not only thinking of what you can get out of it, but also what you can put into it and what others can get out of it.

Most importantly work consistently on your art. Work hard and don’t stop moving. Keep making music and sharing it with those who may want to hear it and with those who can help you climb the ladder you have outlined for yourself. Never give up of this is truly your passion.











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