*NEW* Artist of the Week: BAAUER

The purpose of this blog is to showcase upcoming artists who have either signed with a label or chosen to build their career through a Direct2Fan method.

ALSO KNOWN BY: Captain Harry
BIRTH NAME: Harry Rodrigues

AGE: 22
ORIGIN: Brooklyn, New York, USA

GENRE: Trap and Bass Music
LABEL: LuckyMe Records
WEBSITE: http://baauer.com/

TWITTER: 47,706 followers | https://twitter.com/baauer
YOUTUBE: 1,885,192 video views | http://www.youtube.com/user/baauertv
FACEBOOK: 80,983 likes | http://www.facebook.com/baauermusic
SOUNDCLOUD: 62,258 followers | https://soundcloud.com/baauer
INSTAGRAM: 11,877 followers | http://instagram.com/Baauer
LAST.FM: 309,197 scrobbles | http://www.last.fm/music/Baauer


Baauer has quickly spread across the US becoming known as the love child of Brooklyn and the Internet. He is an American producer that has cleverly combined the Southern Hip Hop style of bass rhythms with today’s 4/4 dance pop genre.

Before I continue, I would like to acknowledge that I fully recognize that Baauer is not someone who would typically be decribed as an “artist.” He’s a producer, right? Well, if we continued with that perspective, this new genre of music that has emerged (Electronic) would technically never have an “artist” to recognize. We associate artist as the face of a creation/work. Therefore, as the producer of these mixes, Baauer is the associated face of these works, and thus deserves this write up on my blog.

I was first introduced to Baauer last Fall at a house party. The DJ played a song that I vaguely recognized, then I realized it was a remix to a song that I already knew. I was so intrigued by the mix that I asked the DJ who it was. Since technically the artist was Wiz Khalifa, I needed to know who produced the remix. The song was “Rollup.” Check it out!

“Rollup” (Baauer Remix):

After discovering Baauer’s remix of “Rollup,” I didn’t really find it necessary to look more into the producer – at that time. However, he resurfaced through a viral video craze of his new single “Harlem Shake.” Somehow, Baauer doesn’t have an official YouTube Channel that hosts his viral hits, but “Harlem Shake” currently has over 13,500,313 views on YouTube hosted by fungmungus in HD. That same song has over 4,480,084 views on hosted by maddecent. The most popular thirty-second video of a group dancing erotically to “Harlem Shake” has over 18,358,978 views on YouTube hosted by hiimrawn. In total, over 40,000 videos have been uploaded by users with over 175 million views. Interestingly, Baauer said in response to the viral craze “It [was] definitely a total shock, but I see it as a very positive thing now. But to me, it came out of nowhere…It came out at like the end of [last] summer, and now it’s like back again, nine months later.” Check them out!

Baauer “Harlem Shake HD”:

Baauer “Harlem Shake” Video Craze:

Baauer is currently managed by Mixed Management Group in Los Angeles, CA, and he recently signed with LuckyMe Records in Glasgow, Scotland. “Harlem Shake” has reached #1 on iTunes chart and the Billboard Hot 100 with over 262,000 sales in the US and 42,373 in the UK. Check out his response to the sudden stardom in this Interview with Music Talks:

I have grown very fond of Baauer’s music. I never imagined supporting a producer in the way I support other artists that sing and/or rap. I look forward to following the growth of his career. He will surely set a new precedence for producers to be featured in the same light as other celebrities in the enterntainment industry. Stay tuned!

Prayre Finley


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