Optimism for the Music Industry

“The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.” – Kurt Vonnegut

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s not too late to sell my guitar and my amp, or my drums, or my stupid ass kahon and invest in some lemons, some sugar, and some plywood.”

At 5 cents a cup, you’d probably be making a heck of a lot more selling lemonade to your friendly neighborhood folk… Well I suppose this is where I should insert the disclaimer.

Warning: You are about to read some radical bullshit that is most likely outside the range of rational possibility for our species to come to terms with on a global scale. Don’t get too excited.

Fuck selling lemonade, music is too righteous. It is time we stopped giving a shit about money and started caring about passion. We are trained to commodify our art and our music but we forget that creating it with “money on our minds” bastardizes it and turns it into nothing more than auditory vandalism.

Leave the corruption to us “business people” to live with. Our hearts are made of thick mud, we can handle it.

So with that in mind, and as a last hurrah in my contributions to “No Bullshit Management”, here are 4 optimistic outlooks on the music industry that can hopefully make you want to stick around in it a little longer, regardless of its slow and painful expiry.

1.) Being in the music industry gets you laid. Especially if you play instruments. (Fuck ‘wonderwall’, try learning a Chopin ‘Nocturne’.)

2.) Music makes you happy as hell doesn’t it? What else do you want?

3.) The more the music industry becomes a place where people can’t make shit for money, the more all the scumbags will leave. *See the ever so malignant Ark Music Factory.

4.)  Once again, the more the music industry becomes a place where people can’t make shit for money, the more the all the virtuous music with dignity will emerge. You see, people will always make music, but the ones who keep doing it even though they know they will starve and die? – Those are the people we need as our artists, and then maybe one day Jack Kerouac can once again be correct in saying “The only truth is music.”

Phillip Richard

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