The great Pandit Ravi Shankar!!

Last but not the least,I would like to talk about one of the greatest musicians of all times. I am deliberately not using ‘one of the greatest Indian musicians’ because he was a world musician. He was the one who presented Indian classical on the world scene. Its because of him that Indian classical is so popular in the West. I would like to quote what other people had to say about him. George Harrison called him ”the godfather if World Music.” Harrison learned sitar from the maestro. Ravi Shankar even collaborated with the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin. Menuhin compared his genius to the likes of Mozart. Musicians of such a high level are rarely born and he was one of them. I am posting one of his videos where he explains about Indian classical music. He passed away a couple of days back at the age of 92 and the whole musical world will bear his loss. There is another video which gives tribute to the great master. 

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