“Tik Tok”. Ke$ha’s on the Clock.

I don’t think any one would expect Ke$ha to be late to a party. She’s the kind of person who’s the first to arrive and the last to leave: she’s not about to miss any ounce of fun. The girl likes to have a wild time. But we can rest assured that now, she will never ever be late for anything. Introducing the latest Baby-G Brand Ambassador. Yes, the pop superstar has signed on to create two unique design styles for the popular and fashionable sports watch company. As the first worldwide female to design her very own Baby-G, Ke$ha is excited. It is interesting to see her as a businesses women when I am so used to her just being a crazy party animal, as she portrays her self to be. But partying doesn’t pay the bills and nowadays, simply recording music doesn’t cover all the costs of living. Ke$ha, like a number of other artists, has had to extend her brand into other ventures and her first one just happens to be Baby-G watches.

One thought on ““Tik Tok”. Ke$ha’s on the Clock.

  1. I share Ke$ha’s FOMO. However, did you see the pic she tweeted of herself in a reaaalllly compromising position? Yikes- for a girl with a money sign in her name, she seems a little too unconcerned with brand image. Still want to party w/her, though.

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