The Queen Makes a $50 Million Deal with Pepsi

The Queen Makes a $50 Million Deal with Pepsi

The queen is making her mark. Beyonce and Pepsi have teamed up again for a $50 million, multi-year branding deal and creative partnership beginning in 2013. “According to Frank Cooper, PepsiCo’s global chief marketing officer, more collaborations with all levels of the songwriting process are in the works to make Pepsi an important, integrated part of the music ecosystem”. What is interesting about this partnership, in comparison to others I have written about, is that the company of a product (Pepsi) is relying on the artist (Miss Beyonce) for her reputation to build their business ventures. Cooper states, “Our goal is not the begin and end with Beyonce. It’s using Beyonce and partnering with her so we can highlight the other platforms that we’re building”. Cause let’s face it: Beyonce is on top of the world. Really, she doesn’t need too much help expanding her brand, gaining fans, and selling out tours worldwide. She’s a boss, and a self-proclaimed diva, which she defines as a “female version of a hustla” (Beyonce, “Diva”). Honestly, I think Pepsi benefits more from this partnership that Beyonce, but hey, $50 million is $50 million at the end of the day.

One thought on “The Queen Makes a $50 Million Deal with Pepsi

  1. Hi Taylor, I think that these type of negotiations will be more a more common each day. Pepsi is for sure having more benefit than Beyonce. It is dough an opportunity that few artist have, and since there are more and more musicians each day, of course only the highly successful and commercial ones will have opportunities like. Maybe small brands will partner with smalls artists also, who knows!

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